As a manager you face new challenges every day. The particular challenge are you facing right now will maybe be one of the following:

  • You have just taken on your first managerial assignment or a new one
  • You would simply like to reflect on your managerial work, your role and your self-image together with a professional interlocutor
  • Time and again you feel resistance from your colleagues whenever you want to convince them of your ideas and concepts
  • After a series of internal restructurings you would like to re-orientate yourself - internally or externally
  • Your work is getting the better of you. What are the options of making a little more time for yourself again?
  • You want to get on – but how?
  • You have conflicts within the team. Then bite the bullet and develop strategies for resolving them!
  • You wish to increase your personal efficiency
  • Your line manager or HR has advised that you undergo coaching
  • Perhaps your professional situation is completely different – or maybe there are specific people who are repeatedly causing you problems