In team coaching the focus is above all on things often neglected in everyday working life: the nature of collaboration, team spirit, resolving discord and discussions to improve collaboration. The approach can vary, depending on the external trigger:


  • You lay the foundations for future collaboration in a newly formed team or a restructured department
  • You 'go into retreat' and optimise the existing collaboration, take stock and initiate the necessary changes
  • You and your team are constantly accompanied for an extended period, to facilitate a targeted approach to current problems and so as to address major topics.


Typical objectives of a team coaching are:


  • Developing cooperation and communication within the team
  • Optimizing workflows and interfaces
  • Developing common goals and strategies
  • Developing team culture and team spirit
  • Resolving conflicts


The following are possible focal questions for a team-development process:


  • Precisely what are our goals?
  • What is the weighting given to professional and personal skills in the team? What is the resultant development requirement?
  • How can we recognise existing potential and utilise it better?
  • How can we better regulate our collaboration?
  • How can we resolve disturbances?

It can also make sence to run a team-development-training for 1 or 2 days.


In this training, depending on the situation and the purpose, I use concrete team experiences in the seminar room and outdoors, so as to clarify team behaviour and structures. These findings are then transferred to typical everyday situations for the team.