Consultancy on personnel/organisational development

I will support you in forthcoming changes in your organisation, e.g. through new business models, changed conditions on the market and in associated areas, and new work methods and processes, and will help you cope with critical developments.

The following are important as part of personnel/organisational development:


  • Building up expertise and organisational conditions so you can cope with future demands in a targeted and efficient way
  • Promoting and organising the process of continuing learning in the company
  • Ensuring that decisions and measures are supported by the relevant employee groups and are integrated into daily routines

As an experienced personnel expert in the fields of personnel management and personnel/organisational development I will support you in devising, planning and realising various systems, tools and measures, e.g.:


  • Cultural and organisational change processes in the company
  • Drafting of job and requirements profiles
  • Standards and models of competence
  • Development and provision of goal agreement systems
  • Remuneration systems
  • Feedback culture